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Scouts Canada Code of Conduct Standards


This Code of Conduct applies to all members of Scouts Canada who are 18 years of age or older, all employees, and parents and guardians who participate in Scouting activities.

The Code of Conduct applies to all interactions, in person and virtually (online), while carrying out your role as a Scouter.

The Code of Conduct may apply to behavior outside of your role as a Scouter if you engage in behaviour that is contrary to Scouts Canada’s mission, values, and policies, and if your behavior affects your ability to volunteer with Scouts Canada.

The purpose of this Code is to protect young people and to help adults work safely and productively with them and with each other.

At Scouts Canada, we believe that everyone, including youth, volunteers, and employees, has the right to be treated in a respectful and professional manner, and to be provided with an environment that is free from all forms of harassment, violence, and discrimination.


Our Standards


At all times my behaviour will reflect Scouts Canada’s values and the Scout Promise and Law. My actions will protect the safety and well-being of all Scouts Canada members and other people I interact with as a member of Scouting. I will set an example that I would wish others to follow.



  • Know and follow Scouts’ Canada’s youth protection policies including: the Two-Scouter Rule, mandatory reporting procedures, Scouter-to-Youth ratios, and appropriate sleeping and washing requirements.
  • Follow Scouts Canada’s youth protection policies and procedures when planning and conducting Scouting activities. 
  • Ensure everyone I am interacting with is safe from Bullying, Abuse, Harassment and Discrimination. I will report any of these behaviors to the appropriate local authorities and Scouts Canada.
  • Immediately report any concern for the welfare of youth or allegations of abuse to the police or social services in my Province and to Scouts Canada. This includes any youth-to-youth sexually harmful or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Remember that my conduct must always be obviously safe to others; if I have any doubt about how my actions might be interpreted, I will adopt a safer course of action.
  • Take part in any review conducted by Scouts Canada or any local authority.
  • Immediately notify Scouts Canada if I am the subject of a criminal investigation, or if I have been charged with an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada or in another country.
  • Immediately notify Scouts Canada if allegations are made against me by any authority regarding youth safety or child protection.
  • Treat everyone with fairness, respect and dignity.
  • Obtain a youth’s permission before I touch them, and ensure that any physical contact is respectful, safe and appropriate for the circumstances.
  • Encourage people to speak up about issues related to personal or Group safety that concerns them.
  • Respectfully challenge behaviour or attitudes that I believe are inconsistent with Scouting values.
  • Protect the personal information of others, keeping it secure and using it for Scouting purposes only.
  • Use positive discipline, promoting good behavior by guiding youth towards positive solutions during disciplinary discussions rather than focusing on bad behavior.
  • Immediately report any breaches of this code and Scouts Canada policy to Scouts Canada.



  • Use my role in Scouting to have contact with youth members of Scouts Canada outside of Scouting.
  • Fail to follow the Two-Scouter rule at any time. This includes having one to one contact with youth online or in-person including in a vehicle.
  • Engage in inappropriate conduct or behavior with youth.
  • Engage in any form of inappropriate or intimate relationship with a youth member of Scouts Canada or use my position in Scouting to exploit or pressure any young person.
  • Trivialize or be a bystander to Bullying, Abuse, Harassment or Discrimination
  • Swear or use inappropriate language in front of youth.
  • Use punishments and discipline that are demeaning, embarrassing, or degrading including requiring any person to perform an action in public such as singing, dancing or other form of public humiliation.
  • Smoke in front of youth.
  • Consume alcohol on Scouting activities for youth.
  • Take part in Scouting if I am impaired by any substance.
  • Rely on just my good name to protect me.

This Code of Conduct must be completed at the start of each Scouting year before participating in any activities.

Youth Scouter Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all Scouters under the age of 18. A separate Code of Conduct applies to anyone aged over 18. This Code will help you work safely with other youth, protecting them and yourself.

You have a responsibility to look after yourself and others. Other Scouts will look up to you and follow your lead. It is important to set a good example and remember your Scout Promise and Law.

To ensure the safety and well-being of all Scouts Canada members both on and offline, I will:

  • Think and act safely.
  • Remember that I have influence and power over others and will not take advantage of this.
  • Know and follow the Two-Scouter Rule, Scouter-to-Youth ratios and other activity rules.
  • Encourage people to speak up about issues related to personal or Group safety that concern them.
  • Not exploit others, show favouritism, engage in a relationship or flirt with the youth I supervise.
  • Not swear or use inappropriate language.
  • Not smoke in front of youth or refer to consumption of tobacco, drugs or alcohol.
  • Not take part in Scouting if I am negatively affected by any substance or prescription drugs.
  • Immediately report any concerns of abuse, bullying, harassment or other inappropriate conduct.
  • Act to prevent and stop hazing, bullying and harassment.
  • Only touch youth I supervise after asking permission, and in a safe and respectful way.
  • Not play physical contact games, make suggestive remarks or jokes with the youth I supervise.
  • Think carefully before I post online, including giving out my personal details and sharing without permission.
  • Remember that I am entitled to be respected, safe from harm and not be exploited.
  • Say “no” to anyone who asks me to do something that makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Ask for help from an adult I trust if anyone makes me feel uncomfortable, worried or scared.
  • Have fun and enjoy Scouts!


This Code of Conduct must be completed at the start of each Scouting year before participating in any activities.


If you are worried about yourself or anyone else or need to report something, you can get help from:





June 2023


V2: As part of annual review this standard has been updated to reflect several points to improve clarity, understanding of expectations and youth safety trends that Scouts Canada has experienced.


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