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Section and Group Fundraising Policy

Board of Governors Approved May 5, 2018



Outlines the fundraising framework for Groups and Sections.


Our Commitment

At Scouts Canada, we provide a valuable service to the community through our youth development programs.  When we fundraise, our activities are aligned with our values. We ensure that our fundraising activities are carried out ethically, effectively, and efficiently. We are accountable to our donors and the community.


Our Policy

  1. Fundraising is conducted in a manner that:
    1. Protects the integrity of the Scouts Canada brand and image
    2. Is consistent with our mission and principles
    3. Is compatible with the goals and ideals of a Group’s Community Partner (sponsor) or fundraising recipient
    4. Fosters cooperation among Groups and Councils
  2. Fundraising contracts and agreements, including gaming applications, must follow the Scouts Canada Contracts and Agreements Procedure.
  3. Members may assist other organizations with fundraising with the approval of their Council or the National Key Three.
  4. Members in uniform may not participate in fundraising for political candidates or political purposes.

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