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Volunteer Screening Policy

Board of Governors Approved May 5, 2018


Outlines the requirements for volunteer screening prior to someone volunteering with Scouts Canada.

Our Commitment

Volunteer screening is one of the core ways that we at Scouts Canada create a fun, safe environment for children, youth, and adults.

Volunteer screening helps us to ensure that anyone interacting with youth knows their responsibilities; supports Scouts Canada’s mission and principles; and has the training needed to succeed in their role.

Our Policy

  1. Volunteers and Rover Scouts may not participate in Scouts Canada activities or wear a Scouts Canada uniform until they:
    1. Complete all volunteer screening[1] and mandatory training requirements[2].
    2. Are registered members of Scouts Canada.
  2. Parents and other adults[3] who assist Scouters may not participate in Scouts Canada activities until they have completed the non-member volunteer screening[4] and mandatory training requirements.[5]
  3. After assisting with five activities, parents and other adults must become registered Scouters to continue participation.
    1. Participation limit is cumulative and does not reset with each Scouting year.
  4. Companies that provide hired resource persons (e.g. canoe guides) must confirm that employees provide clean police record checks and that references are checked.
  5. We shall screen independent, hired resource people according to non-member volunteer screening requirements.
  6. When transferring between Groups, volunteers must be interviewed to determine their continued suitability as a volunteer.
  7. When a Scouter transfers between Sections or roles in the same Group, we recommend that there is a meeting to explain the Scouter’s new role and responsibilities.

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