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Non-member Individual Hold Harmless Agreement Procedure


Scouts Canada permits non-members to participate in Scouting activities to help them decide whether to join. We expect their parents to be responsible for them while they decide. In exceptional circumstances, Scouters bring their younger children to Scout activities. We expect the Scouters to be responsible for their children.

Our Procedure

  1. Parents/guardians of any youth under the age of majority must sign an Individual Release and Hold Harmless Agreement[1] before their child attends a Scouting activity, except when the youth is attending up to two activities while deciding about joining.
  2. Parents/guardians, other adult helpers, and resource people may only participate in Scouting activities after they have been screened according to the Volunteer and Employee Screening Procedure.[2] They do not need to sign an Individual Release and Hold Harmless Agreement.
  3. Parents are responsible for supervising their children, except for youth attending two activities while deciding whether to join Scouting.
  4. The Group is responsible for storing Individual Release and Hold Harmless Agreements.
  5. Groups submit the Individual Release and Hold Harmless Agreements, with the Group Annual Report, to the Scouts Canada Service Centre[3] that supports the Group.

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