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Public Appointment Procedure


Using an open and transparent process, we are committed to recruiting and appointing the best people to lead Councils.


Our Procedure

Council Commissioner and Council Youth Commissioner

  1. All appointments commence on September 1. Normally, Scouters chosen for the Commissioner and Youth Commissioner roles will serve as Commissioners-designate for one year before being appointed.

  2. The Public Appointments Support Scouter initiates the search for the new Commissioner.

    The ideal timeline is as follows:

    1. March 1: Search process begins

    2. September 1: Scouter is appointed Council (Youth) Commissioner–designate

    3. 12 months later: Scouter is appointed Council (Youth) Commissioner

  3. The Council Key 3 recommends chairs for each of the two search committees.

  4. The National Key 3 appoints the chairs of the Council Commissioner or Council Youth Commissioner Search Committees.

  5. The Council Key 3 appoints the Search Committee members.

  6. The Council Commissioner and Council Youth Commissioner Search Committee shall consist of:

    1. Chair

    2. Council Youth Commissioner or Council Commissioner (The volunteer currently serving in the role in question is a member of the search committee for his or her successor.)

    3. Council Relationship Manager

    4. Two additional members appointed by the chair, in consultation with the Council Key 3

  7. The search committees shall:

    1. Understand the standard job description.

    2. Interview the incumbent and other stakeholders about specific local opportunities and challenges.

    3. Understand the competencies of the person required to serve in this role in the next term. 

    4. Review the Council Succession Plan and consult stakeholders to identify prospective candidates who should be invited to apply for the position.

    5. Advertise the volunteer opportunity using Scouts Canada’s networks and external advertising (such as volunteer centres, partner organizations and professional organizations).

    6. Receive and evaluate applications for at least 14 days after the call for applicants. 
    7. Interview at least three candidates. Ideally, the entire committee should participate in each interview to:

      1. Assess the candidate’s attitudes, skills and knowledge.

      2. Assess the candidate’s commitment to Scouts Canada’s strategic plan and the Five Priorities. 

      3. Determine each candidate’s fit for the role. 

      4. Provide additional information about the role and answer questions the candidates may have.

    8. Report to the responsible Commissioner. 

  8. As per the Volunteer Screening Procedure, a reference check must be completed with the successful applicant’s last Commissioner before they are appointed.

  9. The National Key 3 will appoint the new Commissioner at least three months before their term as Commissioner-designate commences.

  10. Once a candidate has accepted the appointment, the chair of the Search Committee shall notify the unsuccessful applicants.

  11. If the National Key 3 does not select a candidate, the Search Committee may be asked to renew the search or be replaced by a new committee.

  12. The National Key 3 will notify the National Service Team and Board of Governors of the appointment.

  13. The Search Committee Chair will notify the members of the Council and other stakeholders of the selection.

    Other Roles

  14. Councils recruiting volunteers for team and Commissioner roles within their area of responsibility will do so in a manner consistent with the process outlined here.

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February 2020 

Effective Date

March 2, 2019


February 4, 2020 v2: Deleted references to Areas and deleted references to the Volunteer and Employee Screening Procedure. Clarified shared National Key 3 authority for public appointments (rather than National Commissioner authority).

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