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Supporting a Member Under Suspension Procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to establish how we support an individual whose membership in Scouts Canada has been suspended.


Our Procedure

A person that has been suspended from Scouts Canada is entitled during their suspension to support from an independent person. Scouts Canada has recruited and trained a group of experienced Scouters who are prepared to be support people for individuals who have been suspended. However, support is not available for individuals charged with child abuse or other serious criminal charges.

1.      When a Scouter is suspended:

a.     They will be offered a support person

b.     The assigned support person will contact the suspended Scouter to determine whether the suspended Scouter accepts the support offered

2.     The support person:

a.     Will be appointed by the person responsible for suspending the member

b.     Is able to help the suspended individual understand the suspension process and other Scouts Canada policies and procedures

c.     Is not an advocate for the suspended Scouter

d.     Is not involved in the investigation

e.     Is not a liaison between the suspended individual and Scouts Canada

3.     The Director of Safe Scouting will answer questions about the reasons for suspension or the status of the review.

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