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Transfer a Rover Scout or Scouter Procedure


Volunteer Scouters and Rover Scouts sometimes transfer to an alternate Group within the same or different Council.


Our Procedure

  1. This procedure applies to ‘Active’ Rover Scouts or Scouters wishing to transfer to a different Group. All requirements of ‘Active’ must be met prior to requesting a transfer. For Rover Scouts and Scouters whose MyScouts status is “Pending” or “Inactive” completion of the full ‘new Scouter’ screening interview and associated screening requirements is a pre-requisite.
  2. Rover Scouts and Scouters need to notify the Group they are leaving of their intentions. The Group must not make any changes to the member’s record at this time.
  3. If the Scouter knows which Group they want to transfer to, they contact the Group Commissioner to determine whether a role is available in that Group.
  4. If the Rover Scout knows which Crew they want to transfer to, they contact the Crew to learn more about their activities and expectations.
  5. If the Rover Scout or Scouter doesn’t know which Group they want to transfer to, they may use “Find A Group” to contact a Group to determine whether a role is available in that group.
  6. The Rover Scout or Scouter registers on MyScouts as a volunteer with the new Group. This creates a pending role on the member profile and a notification is sent to the Group’s MyScouts primary contact.
  7. Transferring Rover Scouts and Scouters need to be interviewed by the ‘receiving’ Group Commissioner or appropriate delegate (e.g. Crew President or Advisor); following the Interview guide for transferring Scouters and Rover Scouts.
  8. The results of the interview are recorded and entered into the Screening Checklist on the MyScouts/Volunteer Screening/Interview tab.
  9. The ‘receiving’ Group Commissioner, or delegate, conducts an in-person or phone reference check with the Group Commissioner of the Group the Rover Scout or Scouter is leaving, using the reference check questions in The Interview Guide for Transferring Scouters and Rover Scouts. The results of the reference check must then be recorded in MyScouts/Volunteer Screening/References.
  10. The Group Commissioner will not approve the appointment of the transferring member until the interview and reference check are recorded in MyScouts.
  11. The Group Registrar accepts the transfer using MyScouts/Member Options/Register Member feature. This adds a new role to the Rover Scouter or Scouter’s MyScouts profile.
  12. The Group Registrar deletes the previous roles from the profile of the Rover Scouter or Scouter who has transferred to their Group, and files the Interview Assessment Form.

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