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Transfer a Youth Participant Procedure


Registered youth members sometimes want to transfer to another Scout Group for many reasons, including that they are moving to another community, or they can’t resolve schedule conflicts between Scouts and other activities.

Our Procedure

  1. This procedure applies to Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, and Venturer Scouts. This procedure applies to members whose MyScouts status is “Active.” It does not apply to members whose status is “Inactive” or “Pending.”
  2. The member’s parents/guardians notify the current Group of their intentions. The Group
    1. Needs to explain whether the family can expect a refund for any Group fees paid.
    2. Must transfer program and achievement records to the new Group.
  3. If the family knows which Group they want to transfer to, the family contacts the Group to confirm there is space to accept another youth.
  4. If the family doesn’t know which Group they want to transfer to, the family uses the Find A Group locator to select a new Group. Find A Group will help the family contact the Group they wish to join to confirm that the Group has space for an additional member.
  5. Once the new Group has confirmed a space for the youth member to transfer to, the new Group contacts Member Services using A Member Services Registrar will transfer the youth member to the new Scout group. Group Registrars are not able to transfer members between Groups.
  6. The new Group welcomes the family to their Group. The family is responsible for paying any Group assessments that the new Group charges.

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