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Events Management Playbook

With large scale and complex events, such as CJ, WJ, PJ or international contingents, the Execute Phase differentiates from the Idea and Deliver phases in that it is the heavy lift work before the event itself when the youth and Scouters are ‘on-site’. It may include travel management, site preparation construction, procurement, potentially equipment design etc.

  • The Design Phase delivers on the plan and delivers results consistent with forecasted commitments (budget/money, schedule, milestones etc.) For an event, it can include recruiting the Scouters needed to run the event who are not part of the planning team, managing communications and marketing, ordering equipment and arranging travel.
  • For smaller events, the Execute Phase may be integrated into the Design Phase.
  • The project plan demonstrates to the approval team that everything in place to ensure an outstanding event with a detailed event plan split into three stages: pre-event (mobilization and readiness), event (the event itself) and post-event (demobilization and review).

Emergency Management

The actions taken in the immediate stages of an emergency are critical.