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Colony Scouters

Let's go on an adventure!

Colony Scouters, this is your main resource page.

It’s divided into each of the Plan-Do-Review steps to help facilitate a fun, high-quality program.

Rest assured that you are not alone and that you have access to an entire community of Scouters and different types of support to ensure that you can have a great experience with your Scouting youth. Don’t forget to check the quick links provided on the right-hand side for easy access to more resources.


The Canadian Path program is the way Scouting is done in Canada. From Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts, youth take the lead in deciding what program areas they will pursue, organizing ways to achieve these goals and collectively reflecting on their experience after the goal is met. With support from adult Scouters, this “Plan-Do-Review” method is one of the many ways that  The Canadian Path program can help youth develop into critical thinkers, extend their personal progression, and encourage active participation in an inclusive team dynamic.

Plan: With the Canadian Path, all youth are involved in the planning process—brainstorming, making suggestions and providing input about the Program Areas they are interested in. Then, with guidance from their Scouters, youth select the activities they will pursue along their Path. Scouters engage all youth in the planning for age-appropriate activities and adventures.

You can read more about the Canadian Path here to get a bit more familiar with it. For new Scouters, you will also be learning more in your Wood Badge Trainings. Visit the David Huestis Centre for more training opportunities such as the Canadian Path Fundamentals training.


The Colony Planning Guide

This guide can be a great tool to help you plan an exciting and well-rounded program. The guide includes templates that you can use each season as you plan your Colony’s adventures. 


Colony Planning Guide

The Pond Map

The Canadian Path is divided into six Program Areas. While planning their adventures, Beaver Scouts may include more than one Program Area, making the adventure more challenging and encouraging development in all of the SPICES.

In addition to the full Pond Map, you can download a smaller version with just the map and Program Areas to aid in planning. For tips on using the map download the “Using the Beaver Scout Map” tip sheet.  



Weekly Scout meetings are the backbone of the movement, here you’ll find some great tools to assist with your weekly meeting planning, whether it’s indoors or outside.


Scouters Tips

We have developed dozens of Scouting tips to support Beaver Scouters in their role. If you have a question or would like to receive some practical tips regarding a certain aspect of the program, we suggest that you first take a look at our Scouters' tips as they are a great source of information. Make sure to visit our Forms and Downloads section for the complete listing of those tips.




This is where the fun begins! And there is no shortage of great resources and “ready-to-use” programming to make sure that your Section experiences an exciting and well-rounded program. Take some time to browse all the tools and resources below for inspiration. This is your gold mine for great programming content and ideas.

Canadian Path Navigator


The Navigator describes behaviours you will recognize in your Sections. Discover where you are and how you can take your program to new heights!

Canadian Path Navigator

Personal Archievement Badges


The PAB portal allows youth to navigate a vast selection of badges linked to their own interests, at their own pace.


Personal Achievement Badges 
Outdoor adventure skills


Explore the nine Outdoor Adventure Skills pathways.

Outdoor Adventure Skills


activity finder

Need an activity? Explore hundreds of activities in the Activity Finder to build your Scouting adventure!  

Activity Finder
Great Canadian Scouting Adventure
Great Canadian Scouting Adventure

Explore the natural and historic wonders of Canada and how to incorporate them into your program.

Great Canadian Scouting Adventure
Scouts for sustainability
Scouts for

Want to engage youth in environmental initiatives?  Check out the Scouts for Sustainability Program for ideas!

Scouts for Sustainablity

Try a past youth Challenge which offers 8-week or 4-weeks of great programming ideas aligned to OAS or SDGs.

Youth Challenges

Discover a variety of STEM activities that you can integrate into your weekly program.

Discover STEM

Explore a collection of resources to help increase the understanding of our relation to Indigenous communities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Review your program

The Program Quality guide is a great way to make sure that your Colony gets the most out of your program. Explore the possibilities for your Colony and the potential that each Cycle can hold for all your friends in the Pond.


Program Quality Guide

Illustrate Your Scouting Experience

Take it further...

North Star Certificate

As the capstone for each Section, youth are given the opportunity to challenge themselves to earn their Top Section Award. This award is not a requirement for a youth to move on to the next Section; rather, the Top Section Award is a goal some youth may want to set up for themselves.


North Star Award Certificate

Top Section Awards: Requirements and Transition

  Youth Leadership Training

Scouts Canada’s Youth Leadership Training courses have been created for all five Sections, from Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts! In fact, the program was spearheaded by a team of youth from across Canada.

Each group of youth participants can create a unique collection of adventures to explore five leadership knowledge areas, including Becoming a Leader, Communication, Plan-Do-Review, Problem Solving and Teamwork. Youth from older Sections facilitate the adventures—while adult Scouters take a step back from the action.


Explore Youth Leadership Training

Need brand resources? Find them all on Trello!

Trello is our online brand centre - here you can find all the brand resources you need; everything from logos and graphics to campaign-related materials and fundraising resources. Social media graphics, Canadian Path graphics, Bring A Friend resources, Recruitment materials and more! It's all on Trello! 


Visit Trello


The Beaver Scout uniform consists of the Beaver Scout hat, vest, t-shirt, neckerchief and neckerchief woggle. The Beaver Scout uniform can be found online at The necker and the woggle will be supplied by the Group.

Beaver Scout Insignia Placement

Got Questions? The Online Support Centre has the Answers

The Online Support Centre (OSC) is Scouts Canada’s virtual Help Centre. It is a collection of articles designed specifically for Scouters to help find answers to frequently asked questions. From step-by-step directions on how to navigate MyScouts, to detailed articles on volunteer screening, to best practices on almost every topic, the OSC will help simplify your Scouting experience.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Submit a request through the OSC and our Help Centre team will be happy to assist you.


Online Support Centre