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Fortitude Nomination Form

Thank you for your interest in nominating a member for Fortitude.

Please ensure you have answered all the questions below so that we have all the information we need to understand the act you are nominating the member for having done. Should we need more information you may be contacted by the nomination committee.

If you have any questions or would like to provide additional information beyond this form, please email

Description of Fortitude

The description should include as much medical information as possible regarding the nominees’ condition. If possible, a medical letter from the nominee’s doctor would be helpful.

In addition, the description must include information advising as to how the nominee carries on to best of their abilities, duties and/or activities in Scouting despite being challenged in some respect as a result of a physical and/or mental condition or disease.  The description must also explain the contribution the nominee has made to scouting despite their challenges.

A supporting letter from a person outside of scouting, who knows the nominee well, should be included advising as to how the nominee carries on to the best of his/her abilities in an environment outside of scouting. 

Where the application may be considered for the Jack Cornwell Decoration, the description must also include a statement relating to the nominee’s high character, devotion to duty, and specific acts of physical courage; or must have heroically undergone great suffering.

Nominee's Information

Initiator's Information

You are strongly encouraged to record the narrative description in a saved document or email prior to copying the content onto this form in case the submission form fails to submit.

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