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STEM Activities

We have a pool of STEM activities for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers to help youth and Scouters make STEM a part of their Scouting programs. The activities on the Activity Finder follow the Plan-Do-Review model to guide youth through activities. They include a list of the materials the group will need and links to online resources. You can find the activities below, or by visiting your Section-specific page of the website. Look for the STEM icon to find them.

We are always working on expanding the amount of activities on the website. The best ideas are those that have been tried and tested in the field. If you have worked on a STEM activity with your Section, or if you have ideas that you think can develop into interesting activities, let us know. You can send your ideas to:

Bean Greenhouse 

How Big Is?

Be Bird Safe

Water Filter

Habitat Builder

Do You See What I See?





Break a Toy Apart

Magnets Attract

Sound of an Orchestra

Nature Detectives

Three Little Pigs

Around the Pond Stem Kit

Learn more about the Around the Pond STEM Kit

Around the Pond Booklet

Barefoot Walk

Do You See What I See?

Helping Habitats

Tiny Habitat Survey 

Build a Dam


Habitat Hike 

Use your Five Senses


Find Your Tree

Taste vs. Smell

What's that Sound

Build a Hovercraft 

Better Bubbles

Gravity Pulls 

Constellation Viewer

Amazing Bridges



Canoe Experts

Iceberg Experiment

Fastest Vehicle Ever

Adaptions in Nature

Circuitry Madness

Paper Plane Challenge


Space Exploration STEM Kit

Learn more about the Space Exploration STEM Kit.

Sensory Deprivation Map 

Milk Plastic

Amazing Bridges

Gravity Pulls 

Water Filter 

Chemistry of Cake

Cardboard Box Oven 

Scale Model

Fastest Vehicle Ever!

Keep Warm on Everest

Water Power

Taste Shifting 

Scout Sundial

Solar Car

Dissect an Appliance

Build Your Own Roller Coaster



Robotics STEM Kit

Learn more about the Robotics STEM Kit.


Citizen Scientist 

Tippy Tap 

Microscopic Aliens



Climate Scientists

Moon Maps

Mutation Creation 


Constellation Viewer

Crank Flashlight