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Alongside 14,000 volunteers across the country, we will design, test and scale new ways to make our program better and volunteering easier, for families from more diverse backgrounds, with more amazing nights away and outdoor adventures.


1. Better Program

Young people have amazing experiences, and we know it has an impact on them and their community.

Program Innovation: Support twenty local innovations in better program or easier volunteering, and scale two of them nationally.

Understanding Quality Program: Make it easier to know if our program has a positive impact on young people.

2. New Audiences

Young people, who we don’t reach with our traditional model, experience Scouting in new and impactful ways

Alternative Models: Pilot four alternative models, reaching 400 young people from diverse background.

Early Years: Design a way to pilot Scouting in the Early Years and secure funding to try it in ten locations.

3. Greater Inclusivity

Families from backgrounds underrepresented in Scouting
are more likely to trust, join, stay and thrive, in Scouting.

Practical Support: Deliver two resources or initiatives that make it easier for volunteers to make sure young people from under-represented backgrounds feel welcome, included and achieve the same outcomes as any other young person.

Reconciliation: Deliver two approaches designed to increase trust in Scouting from Indigenous communities.

4. More Nights Away

Young people have access to amazing nights away & outdoor adventures, through high quality, sustainable camps.

Property Portfolio: Transparently show the status of Scouts Canada’s properties, including our intention; invest, sustain, partner or dispose.

Urban Adventure Centres: Conclude whether Urban Adventure Centres have potential, or not.

Property Societies: Engage all Provincial Property Societies on whether their relationship with Scouts Canada is effective, or not.