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Call for Volunteers:

Pillar 1 Evaluation Team

You have the opportunity to join a new team at Scouts Canada and shape the future of Scouting. As part of the Pillar 1 Evaluation Team, you will help evaluate, design and implement core Scouting organizational changes in alignment with Scouts Canada’s 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.

Pillar 1 aims to deliver strong core Scouting programs through improved program quality and enhanced volunteer experience with a focus on customer satisfaction, outdoor adventures (program quality), and making it easier to be a Scouter. These objectives will build off provisional research conducted as part of a Colony longitudinal study that identified key attributes for program quality and section success and as well as many years of parent and volunteer satisfaction surveys that highlight key areas of concern.

If you are an innovator and passionate about Scouting and ensuring youth from across the country can benefit from an outstanding outdoor program, this is the role for you.


Key Year 2022 Objectives

  • Member Engagement: Coordinate and facilitate opportunity framing sessions for youth, parents and volunteers to collect and understand needs, interests, concerns and expectations.
  • Establish networks of change leadership within the organization to enable fast, high quality learning about issues related to improving the Scouting experience
  • Collectively frame and evaluate Pillar 1 objectives, deliverables, outcomes and potential approaches in alignment with established strategic plan goals.
  • Identify and evaluate potential approaches to improve program quality, outdoor adventures and member experience.



If you feel like you would be a good fit for the Pillar 1 Evaluation Team you can apply for a position by sending a copy of your resume and covering letter to


To be considered please submit a copy of your resume and a cover letter indicating the position you may have interest in to