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Head of Contingent — Kent International Jamboree 2025 UK

Role Summary:

We are seeking a volunteer committed to attend the event and take a primary role in preparing youth and volunteers from across Canada to experience international scouting. Preparation and communication with the participants starts immediately and will conclude upon presentation of an experience report prepared once you return. Responsible to Scouts Canada International Contingents Lead.

You will continue to support the youth member - Head of Delegation.

Link to Kent International Jamboree 2025 UK



  • Communicate with the Jamboree organizing country as the primary point of contact for Canadian registered participants including members of Scouts Canada
  • Maintain list of participants and potential participants and launch an effective discussion platform to keep everyone up to date. Coordinate communication with L'Association des Scouts du Canada
  • Advise participants on Scouts Canada B.P.&P., as it applies to International Travel
  • As required, distribute jamboree’s newsletters (or links) for Canadian participants with helpful resources such as preparing for the climate, culture, language, packing advice and so on.
  • Follow up on payment deadlines and missing registration information.
  • Advise/seek advice where needed with travel planning, air, local ground transportation to site, etc.
  • Assist development of and coordinate resources for Canadian cultural events that may be showcased
  • Build a service team of volunteers to match the scale of the event, to monitor Canadian units and OOS during the event.
  • Prepare a summary of the event outlining the scope of participation by Canadian Scouts, major activities, handicaps and recommendations for future teams.


Ideal Qualifications

  • Strong organizational and written communications skills
  • Previous successful experience of working with volunteers
  • Familiarity with the destination country or surrounding area
  • Experience in leading youth abroad
  • A good basis in French is an asset
  • Previous Head of Contingent was a youth member, all applications will be considered

You may submit your name for consideration or recommend others. Each submission must be accompanied by a CV and a written confirmation from the individual acknowledging that they are willing to serve and that they have an understanding of the position.

All submissions must be sent to Brian Wick, International Contingents Lead ( by, May 27, 2024. 

Ready to Apply?

All submissions must be sent to Brian Wick, International Contingents Lead by May 27, 2024.