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National Commissioner

Accountable to: Scouts Canada’s Board of Governors. 

Shares Responsibilities with: As a member of the National Key 3, shares responsibilities with the National Youth Commissioner and CEO. 

Appointment: Elected annually at Scouts Canada’s Annual General Meeting following a recommendation by the Board’s Nominating Committee in consultation with the National Youth Commissioner and CEO for a maximum of three (3) consecutive years. 

Time required: 20-30 hours per week. 

  • 4 formal Board of Governors meetings annually; may have additional topic-specific meetings throughout the year. 
  • 1 National Conference and Annual General Meeting annually 
  • Significant travel to engage with membership across Canada  
  • When possible, participation in the Group Commissioner and Group Support Scouter training courses  
  • Potential National/International events (e.g. Interamerican Scouting meetings, WOSM meetings) 
  • Council support calls (frequency varies)  
  • Weekly Conference Calls 
  • Numerous Phone Calls/E-mails, virtual and in person meetings 


The National Commissioner is one of two principal volunteers for Scouts Canada (the other being the National Youth Commissioner), ensuring that a focus on program quality and volunteer support is maintained throughout all levels of the movement: 

  • Leads, motivates, and inspires Scouts Canada 
  • Represents Scouts Canada externally and internally, both nationally and internationally 
  • Supports the recruitment and retention efforts of Scouts Canada including our Mission, Vision, and Goals 
  • Serves as a senior volunteer and a member of the National Key Three 

The National Commissioner is a member of the Board of Governors and an Officer of Scouts Canada. The National Commissioner Role is open to any member of Scouts Canada who is over the age of 18 and any person able to obtain and maintain a membership in Scouts Canada.   

Duties and Responsibilities: 

National Key 3 

  • Communicate with the National Youth Commissioner and the CEO. 
  • Provide Leadership, Direction and Vision to Scouts Canada. 
  • Advocate for the youth of Scouts Canada. 
  • Work together with the other members of the NK3 to deliver on the Scouts Canada Strategic Plan as approved by the Board of Governors 
  • Work with the Scouts Canada Leadership team to develop operational and tactical direction for the organization. 
  • Communicate regularly with Council Key 3 teams and other key stakeholders 
  • Recruit and work with other senior volunteers across Canada  
  • Communicate and collaborate with Scouts Canada’s Board of Governors. 
  • Maintain open lines of communication with the membership of Scouts Canada. 
  • Ensure that the Public Appointment Process is followed for incoming Council Commissioner’s, Council Youth Commissioners and Functional Commissioners. This includes ensuring incumbents receive a proper orientation and transition. 
  • Additional duties as discussed in consultation with the National Youth Commissioner and CEO. 
  • Promote and enhance “the Network” of Scouters across Canada,  
  • Work closely with senior staff 

Ideal Qualifications: The National Commissioner should be enthusiastic, committed and possess a positive attitude. The National Commissioner should responsibly have the time available to excel in this role and enough flexibility in their personal and professional schedules to fulfill the role. The National Commissioner has taken or is willing to take leadership development training.  

Possesses skills in: 

  • Communication (French is an asset) 
  • Effective time management 
  • Tolerance to ambiguity 
  • Adaptability 
  • Planning 
  • Teamwork 
  • Project Management 
  • People Management 
  • Leadership 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Basic Computer/Social Media literacy 

Beneficial Knowledge: 

  • Scouts Canada’s Programs and Resources 
  • By-laws, Policies and Procedures 
  • Scouts Canada’s Mission 
  • Scouts Canada’s Volunteer Recognition Program 
  • Scouts Canada`s current organizational structure 

You may submit your name for consideration or recommend others. Each submission must be accompanied by a CV and a written confirmation from the individual acknowledging that they are willing to serve and that they have an understanding of the position. Your CV should summarize your Scouting experience, as well as any educational and/or professional accomplishments that you wish to share. Please also include a brief statement (max 450 words) on why you are applying, what you believe the major issues facing Scouts Canada are, what you believe you bring to the role, and what you would most like to achieve if successful. 

All submissions must be sent to Andrew Obee, Chair of the National Nominating Committee ( by March 8, 2024.  


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Application Deadline: March 8, 2024