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Welcome to Wayfinders


Discover the transformative power of collaboration with Wayfinders, where we believe that together, we can achieve remarkable things. As an integral part of Scouts Canada's commitment to innovation and community engagement, we proudly forge partnerships with a diverse array of organizations, each bringing unique perspectives, resources, and expertise to the table.

At Wayfinders, we're not content with the status quo. Instead, we strive to push boundaries and redefine the scouting experience for today's youth. Through these innovative initiatives, we aim to empower young people to explore new horizons, develop essential skills, and make a tangible difference in their communities. From outdoor adventures to urban exploration, from leadership development to community service, our collaborative programs offer a wealth of opportunities for growth and discovery.

Together with our partners, we're breaking new ground and designing programs that inspire leadership, promote inclusivity, and drive positive change in society. By leveraging the strengths and passions of each organization involved, we create experiences that are truly transformative, leaving a lasting impact on participants and communities alike.

Adventurers Club

Adventurer’s Club

Adventurer’s Club is one of the Wayfinders collaborations with Ottawa Coptic Church. This project offers six weeks of thrilling scouting activities designed to ignite curiosity, build skills, and forge lasting friendships. Adventurer’s Club is tailored to engage different age groups, providing diverse experiences in survival techniques, navigation, teamwork, and leadership. Throughout the summer, this program ensures continuous personal and group development, with participants progressing through skill levels each week. Our exciting challenges push boundaries and expose youths to the wonders of outdoor exploration. Join this supportive community where shared experiences and teamwork foster lifelong bonds. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join approximately youths like yourselves in an unforgettable summer adventure!

Welcome to Wayfinders

Anglers’ Academy

Angler's Academy is another partnership that we have with Nootka Marine, offering an exciting opportunity to delve into the world of fishing. Whether you're a novice angler eager to learn or a seasoned pro seeking to refine your skills, our program provides expert guidance and unforgettable experiences on the water. With a focus on conservation and environmental stewardship, Angler's Academy invites you to explore new waters, learn new techniques, and reel in the big catch. Join us for an unforgettable journey where adventure meets education, and together, let's cast our lines into the vast world of fishing possibilities!

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Discover the transformative power of collaboration with Wayfinders, where we believe that together, we can achieve remarkable things.

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