World Scout Jamboree Crowd

World Scout Jamboree — Canadian Contingent

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About the 2023 World Scout Jamboree

Once every four years the Scouting youth of the world come together and celebrate what it means to be a Scout! This once-in-a-lifetime experience brings the entire world to your fingertips, where all Scouts can freely and enthusiastically share their cultures with one another in the spirit of the Scout Law. Each and every Scout has but one opportunity to attend a World Jamboree as a Participant.

More than 50,000 Scouting participants from over 170 countries will gather together for WSJ 2023

Birds eye view of the proposed world jamboree campsite

Draw your Dream!

“Draw your Dream!” expresses the desire of the members of the Scout Movement to transform the World Scout Jamboree into their own festival and to grow their dreams through it.

SaeManGeum, which will be reshaped into a spacious recreational ground (10,000,000㎡), will be an avenue where young scouts from around the world will be able to pursue their dreams through the World Scout Jamboree.

When is WSJ23?

The World Scout Jamboree will be from August 1 – 12, 2023.

Where will WSJ23 be held?

The World Scout Jamboree will be held in SaeManGeum, Republic of Korea.

Did You Know?

The 2023 World Scout Jamboree will be the second time The Republic of Korea has hosted a World Scouting Jamboree. The first time was in 1991.