Leave No Trace (Program)

What does it mean to leave no trace? Leave No Trace means exactly what you might think – to enjoy your outdoor camping adventure to the fullest, and afterwards leave no sign that you were ever there. No-trace or “minimum impact” camping, is Scouting’s outdoor philosophy. Scouters and youth in all sections must learn and […]

Policies — Property Standards (Page)

Bylaw Table of Contents Procedures « Previous Property Standards Next » FORMS Property Standards Introduction Scouts Canada’s policy is that all real property, owned or leased, must meet Scouts Canada’s Property Standards and comply with Scouts Canada’s real property procedures. Our Standards The standards refer to provincial government regulations and standards. Where a province or […]

Social Media Graphics (Page)

Social Media Graphics Gallery   Adventure with Friends Climb Higher I Heart Scouts   Lead an Expedition Learn Together No One Left Behind   Leave No Trace Leave No Trace Leave No Trace   Plan you next campfire meal Scout Popcorn Serve Abroad   Thank You Thank You Wake Up With A View   National […]

Environmentality (Page)

A Scouts EnvironMentality Getting outside and experiencing the great outdoors is an integral part of the Scouting program. Since Scouting began, youth have been connecting with the outdoors and learning from nature. By joining the Scouting program, youth take on a responsibility to be stewards of the environment. After all, nature truly is our classroom. […]