Scouts Canada’s Program is The Canadian Path

The Canadian Path program is the way Scouting is done in Canada. Developed by Scouts Canada, this well-rounded program offers youth aged 5 to 26 an opportunity to experience new things, have more adventures and develop into confident and capable individuals, better prepared for success in the world.

From Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts, youth take the lead in deciding what program areas they will pursue. Taking charge, the youth will organize ways to achieve these goals, and will collectively reflect on their experience after the goal is met. With support from adult Scouters, this “Plan-Do-Review” method is one of the many ways that the Canadian Path can help youth develop into critical thinkers, extend their personal progression, and encourage active participation in an inclusive team dynamic.

The Canadian Path brings Scouting back to its roots by using the Scout Method as its basis, which was first introduced by Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout Movement.

  • Beaver Scouts

    Ages 5-7

    Discover adventures like camping, hiking, playing games and even having campfires! Make great new friends along the way.

    Explore the Pond
  • Cub Scouts

    Ages 8-10

    Using the Jungle Map of balanced program activities as a guideline, Cubs explore new challenges and plan adventures as a Pack.

    Explore the Jungle
  • Scouts

    Ages 11-14

    Take Adventure to the next level – planning becomes more hands-on as your Troop blazes their own trail.

    Blaze a Trail
  • Venturer Scouts

    Ages 15-17

    Push your potential. With support from your Company, climb the mountain of your goals to reach a personal summit.

    Climb Higher
  • Rover Scouts

    Ages 18-26

    The world awaits. Enjoy good times with others who share your values and challenge yourself with personal goals for future success, with support from a mentor.

    Paddle Your Own Canoe

The Canadian Path is comprised of several components:

  • A non-formal approach to learning
  • The seven components of the Scout Method
  • The Four Elements: Youth-led, Plan-Do-Review, Adventure and SPICES (the six attributes Scouting aims to foster: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional and Spiritual)
  • Six balanced Program Areas: Environment & Outdoors, Leadership, Active & Healthy Living, Citizenship, Creative Expression and Beliefs & Values
  • A personal journey of growth

Canadian Path FAQ

Have questions on how best to transition to The Canadian Path? Visit the Canadian Path FAQ on the Online Support Centre.

Canadian Path FAQs
  • The Outdoor Adventure Skills program is an invitation for Scouts to try something new—to be outside more, testing themselves with progressive challenges while always staying within their capabilities to stay safe. In short, it’s about having life-changing experiences.

    Each Outdoor Adventure Skills pathway is divided into nine stages with a badge awarded for each stage. However, the purpose of the OAS program is not the badge. Rather, the Outdoor Adventure Skills should be seen as tools to support the Plan-Do-Review process.





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