Wood Badge II for The Canadian Path

Wood Badge II has been revitalized to incorporate Canadian Path methodology, making it more relevant for today’s Scouters. The new Wood Badge II program allows for self-directed learning, conducted through mentorship and coaching in addition to traditional courses and workshops. The revitalized Wood Badge II framework uses new resources called Scouter Development Cards which can be used to help Volunteers build personal learning plans. To access the program, simply download the Wood Badge II Guide.

Wood Badge II Guide

Support Scouters have a pivotal role in facilitating Wood Badge II for Section Scouters. The Wood Badge II — Support Scouter Guide explains how Support Scouters can help facilitate Wood Badge II through courses and workshops, coaching and mentoring, and self-directed learning.

Wood Badge II — Support Scouter Guide

Wood Badge II is the second part of Scouts Canada’s Volunteer development program which directly follows Wood Badge I. As part of Scouts Canada’s 5 Key Priorities for Success, Wood Badge II looks to increase Volunteer Support and Program Quality. Wood Badge II focuses on the practical application of the program facilitation and safety concepts learned in Wood Badge I, while introducing basic outdoor and Scouter support skills.