Climb Higher!

Push your potential. With support from your Company, climb the mountain of your aspirations to reach a personal summit. The Canadian Path Venturer Scout program is an opportunity for you to explore your own capabilities and experience an exciting variety of adventures with others who share your passion to “Climb Higher”! With the support of others in your Company, you will set goals and meet them over the Scouting Year.

Venturer Scouts in Canada use the metaphor of climbing a mountain as their Section’s symbolic framework. The more you accomplish, the closer you get to your personal summit.

  • Venturer Scout Handbook

    The Venturer Scout Handbook focuses on the personal progression of individual Venturer Scouts as they work towards their Queen’s Venturer Award or various other awards.

    Venturer Scout Handbook

    Company Handbook

    The Company Handbook provides guidance to Venturer Scouts on how a Company and its Expedition Teams should function, so that the members can share ambitious adventures.

    Company Handbook
  • Young people today don’t go anywhere without their phones. With Scouts Canada’s new handbook apps, Venturer Scouts will always have their Canadian Path handbooks at their fingertips. Now all the answers to your program-related questions are just swipes away.

    The Venturer Scout and Venturer Company handbooks are now available as a single app for iOS and Android from your favourite app store (only available for phones at this time).

    Download from the App StoreGet it on Google Play

The Venturer Company at a Glance – This two-page snapshot overview of the Venturer Scout Section introduces parents and new Scouters to the adventures that Venturers have while they Climb Higher! It covers everything from the uniform to badges, and includes links to tonnes of great resources.

Venturer Scouts Snapshot