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Wood Badge 2 on PEI

Presenting the Class of 2023 - Bear Patrol. The first Wood Badge 2 program on Prince Edward Island run using the Canadian Path method. 

Wood Badge 2 Info

Wood Badge 2 Ticket for PEI Council

The purpose of a Wood Badge Ticket is to help PEI Scouters realize your personal vision of your role in Scouting. 

Ticket Objective: As a team or as individuals, Wood Badge trainees are asked to demonstrate excellence in what they have learned from their Wood Badge training. This challenging project, aka Ticket, provides meaningful personal development for the Scouter and also makes a positive difference to the local Scouting community.

This meaningful project is the Scouter’s way to give back to the local Scouting community from what they have learnt from their experience in Wood Badge training. Scouters have 18 months to complete this project starting from the beginning of Wood Badge 2 training. Support Scouters can provide guidance on selecting an appropriately challenging project that meets the above criteria.

Look at your ticket as the opportunity to practice using the Skills of Leadership presented at Wood Badge. In writing your ticket it will help if you list the skills you can use to accomplish your goals. It is not required that you incorporate all of the skills presented during the course into your goals.