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Volunteering. It's good for you!

What can I do at Scouts?

Volunteering’s not just about giving back – it goes both ways. It improves your wellbeing, gives you skills for the future, and helps you make new friends (and memories). 

All our activities are run by volunteers, who might join us because they want to: 

  • Try something new
  • Make friends
  • Spend time with their children – or gain experience with young people
  • Do something good for their community and themselves
  • Keep their bodies and brains active and happy – whether that's by scaling mountains, sharing skills or serving tea

All end up making a huge difference to young people's lives – gifting them with skills for life, and learning a whole lot about themselves along the way.

Simply fill out our form and your local group will be in touch soon. Start your Journey today!

Let’s find the right fit for you.

  • Student Volunteer
  • Student Volunteer

    Empowering Youth Volunteers: The PEI Community Service Bursary

    The PEI Community Service Bursary celebrates high school students who actively volunteer with Scouts Canada, recognizing their significant contributions to their communities. This program emphasizes that community involvement is a fundamental aspect of a well-rounded education. If you've dedicated your time to Scouts Canada, this bursary program is designed to support you. Students also have the option to enroll in the Duke of Edinburgh award while volunteering.

    To be eligible, you must be a PEI resident, enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution, and have completed a minimum of 30 hours of community service through Scouts Canada during your final year of high school. This demonstrates your commitment to positive change through volunteerism.

    What sets this bursary apart is its appreciation for various forms of community service within Scouts Canada. Whether you've been organizing events, assisting in community projects, or participating in leadership initiatives, all of these efforts are valued and recognized.

    Receiving a CSB bursary not only provides financial assistance but also serves as a commendation for your vital role within Scouts Canada. It signifies that your contributions matter and can be a valuable asset as you pursue further education and future career opportunities.

    Furthermore, the CSB program benefits not only you but also the broader community. It encourages a spirit of active citizenship, fostering a stronger sense of unity and support among young volunteers.

    In essence, the PEI Community Service Bursary supports high school students who volunteer with Scouts Canada, honoring their dedication to community service. It reinforces the importance of giving back and demonstrates how investing in volunteerism leads to a more connected and compassionate society. Keep up the outstanding work with Scouts Canada!

    PEI Community Service Bursary

    Duke of Edinburgh Award

    Volunteer Now

  • Become a Volunteer
  • Become a Volunteer

    Rediscover adventure as a SCOUTS CANADA VOLUNTEER, and have a great time doing it.

    Do you …

    • Enjoy the outdoors?
    • Have the desire to learn new skills?
    • Like to make new friends?
    • Want to spend quality time with your children?

    If you said, "yes", then you have found the right place!

    Become a Scouter

    Volunteer as a Parent Helper


    Each Group can use help in small (or big) ways and in many cases it's for simple tasks that are suited for those with occasional, limited time. Each bit of help means that your child's Scouter has more time to focus on prep time, the Group activity, or other responsibilities.

    Check out some Parent Helper opportunities below then connect with your child’s Scouter to see what needs you could fill!

    Parent Helper Roles

  • Local FAQ
  • Local Volunteer FAQ

    You should volunteer for the Scouts because it prepares and develops well-rounded youth to be better prepared for the world. We teach leadership and life skills, outdoor skills, and help build self-esteem in youth. Scouting offers opportunities to develop marketing, communication, financial management and fundraising skills. And most importantly, being a Scout volunteer (Scouter) is fun.

    Anyone can volunteer with the Scouts, as long as they meet our screening and training requirements. We are completely co-ed and offer many volunteer opportunities to both males and females who want to have a fulfilling experience helping build the citizens of tomorrow.

    You can volunteer with the Scouts as long as you are 14 years and older. We have Scouters who are in their 80s. You can volunteer for as long or as little as you want.

    If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of youth and want to volunteer your time, you can contact Scouts Canada by visiting, or calling us toll free at 1-888-855-3336. 

    If you’re a parent of a child in Scouts, you can contact a local Group or Troop Leader in your area. Click to check out more information about the Parent Helper volunteer.

    To ensure that our youth are safe and secure at all times, a police check is done to screen all applicants and make sure they have no criminal convictions or charges on their record. While major crimes will exclude them from being a volunteer, some exemptions may be given to those who committed minor crimes more than seven years ago. However, they will have to go through a further screening process.

    It depends.

    • No - if you are a parent to a child in Scouts, you may volunteer as a "Parent Helper" to your child's Group. 
      There are some limitations. Click to check out more information about the Parent Helper volunteer.
    • Yes - if you have more time to give or want to lead your own Group and work frequently with the Scouts.

    There are a number of volunteer positions with the Scouts, where varying skill sets can be utilized. If you’re interested in working with youth 5-15, you may want to consider becoming a Scout Leader. We also have a number of administrative positions such as treasurer, fundraiser, secretary, and recruiter. If you are under the age of 26, you can also serve as a Group Youth Commissioner, whose job is to promote youth involvement and leadership in your group.

    On average 12-to-14 hours a month. This can vary depending on what volunteer position you choose to take on. Scout Leaders normally give 1.5 hours a week for meetings, with additional time for prep work and overnight camps. While a Beaver leader may need more time to prepare, leaders of older groups may not need to devote as much time, as youth take more of a driver’s seat in the program.

    While some groups buy uniforms for the Scouter, some volunteers may be required to purchase his or her own uniform. We do have a No One Left Behind (NOLB) subsidy program, where a Scouter can apply for the cost of courses. This may also include equipment and uniforms. You will be asked to advise on your household income and family size. We don’t exclude anyone because of financial reasons.

    Yes! In addition to 1000 new volunteers needed across Alberta and Northwest Territories, the Chinook Council is looking to fill multiple leadership positions.

    Adult Opportunities

    Youth Opportunities

    Looking for more FAQ?

    Go to National FAQ

    In Their Own Words

    Hear from other volunteers about what Scouts means to them.