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Discover the benefits of Volunteering Say yes to making a real impact Use your skills to say YES to Kids! Discover the benefits of Volunteering

We’ve built a vibrant community of active volunteers who foster confidence in kids and themselves.

In life, it’s the moments that shape us. Volunteering embodies these impactful moments filled with purpose, igniting lasting transformations. Whether it's seeing the spark of comprehension in a child's eyes or receiving gratitude from fellow volunteers, these experiences encapsulate the true essence of volunteering. Join us and leave an enduring impression on young lives.

We have so many opportunities to help you create your special moment.

  • Become a Section volunteer; work directly with kids running meetings and participating in fun outdoor adventures that build character and skills kids can use.
  • Engage your skills by volunteering locally – management, leadership, administration and teaching outdoor skills, fundraising, property management and more.


Join us and experience the benefits
of volunteering:

  • Community – find a community of like-minded people.
  • Confidence – gain more confidence in your skills and self while building a world of resilient young Canadians.
  • Experience – make a difference while building your own experience.
  • Family – become part of our big family.
  • Fun – let your inner child play.
  • Health – develop a new positive outlook with us.
  • Inspiration – help shape Canada’s next generation of youth.
  • Skills – bring your talents to our team.
  • Say YES to kids and to yourself!


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Join us and make a difference!

Work with kids and youth aged 5 to 26 and beyond. Start your volunteer journey by opening a MyScouts Account and completing the registration form or by emailing


Join Us as a Volunteer

Scouting is made possible by thousands of engaged volunteers creating fun adventures and great memories for Canadian youth. Join us and start your own adventure.


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In Their Own Words

Meet some of our volunteers who are helping shape Canada’s next generation of well-rounded youth.  

In this world, kids hear NO a lot. At Scouts, we say YES to kids! When kids hear YES, they feel empowered and invigorated. They seize the chance to explore their creativity, develop new talents and unearth their passions. Let’s unite and embrace the spirit of saying YES to kids!


Volunteer Today

Harold, 45-year volunteer

Harold discovered his volunteer community 45 years ago. In his 60s, he still camps with a Cub pack, sharing the joy of discovery with children. He's proud to relive the adventures of his youth and looks forward to new ones every week. Join Scouts Canada now and find your community!

Volunteer Today

Cadence, 5-year youth volunteer

Volunteering with Scouts has boosted Cadence’s confidence. We focus on building resilience in young people, and Cadence has witnessed her own confidence grow as she helps them thrive. Join us and build a world of resilient young Canadians.


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Anne, new

Anne has found another family of like-minded peers who she can connect with and count on to have her back. Her Scouts family share the same goals and experiences. “Everyone is really welcome here”. Join us and become part of our big family.


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Kaelem, 8-year youth

Kaelem has gained valuable skills and leadership capabilities. He’s gained hands-on experience in financial management, learned how to lead a team and enhanced his ability to speak in front of an audience. Join Scouting to make a difference while building your own experience.


Volunteer Today

Rubene, 35-year

Rubene has so much fun at Scouts building campfires, roasting marshmallows and singing silly songs with kids. He gets to explore the wilderness, travel to Jamborees around the world and have all sorts of fun and adventures. Come join the excitement!


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Keeping Youth Safe: Our Top Priority

As Canada's largest youth organization, we prioritize creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all members, especially children and youth. We’re dedicated to making Canada safer for our young people.

To ensure this, adults in positions of authority undergo a thorough vetting process, including application forms, interviews, police record checks (including vulnerable sector searches), references, and youth protection training with Respect in Sport.


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