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Voyageur Council Trail Guide September 2, 2022

September 04, 2022

Hello Scouters,
Early registration for the 2023 Scouting year is now open for all! We’re excited to continue welcoming back our existing members as well as now accepting new members into our Groups! We appreciate everyone’s patience as we deal with some technical issues due to a high volume of registrations and increase in traffic to MyScouts. As a temporary fix, the IT team will be limiting the number of people that can access the system at one time (meaning only a certain amount of IPs will get into MyScouts; if the system is full, the person trying to get in will get a message explaining that it is full and asking them to try again later). This is only temporary and full MyScouts functionality will return once traffic decreases in the coming days. This week’s Trail Guide features lots of great information, so keep reading to find out more about exciting events and opportunities!
NEW! If you have content you'd like to see included in the Trail Guide, please fill out the new submission form (which now allows for image/attachment uploads) by clicking the link below! We encourage you to bookmark this form for future use:
New and updated information this week:  Let’s Get OutCon: Fall 2022, First Aid Update: September 2022, Scoutcraft 1 & 2, Eastern Ontario Scout Memorabilia and Badge Trade Event, AGM Request, Volunteer Lifecycle Review, Scout Popcorn 2022, Vision From Ope Crew, Voyageur Council Youth Commissioner, Amateur Radio Training Course, Properties Update
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