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Welcome to White Pine Council

White Pine Council is located in Eastern Ontario, hosting 3000 members in 75 Groups.  The Council generally covers the territory from Pickering to Napanee, up to the southern border of Algonquin Park.  White Pine maintains 3 properties within its six traditional event areas which benefit members by providing a variety of locations for delivering exciting, year-round outdoor program activities. White Pine Council is supported by the Central Ontario Service Centre (COSC) located in Oshawa, Ontario. 


Symbolism of the Crest 

Scouts Canada's Mission Statement [in 1997] emphasized the organization's dedication to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential.  The White Pine Council crest has several symbolic features depicting the various aspects of this holistic approach to youth development. 


Physical - the strong lone White Pine growing on the rock symbolizes two things: 

  1. Individuality - opting to choose the more challenging path of growing on the rock opposed to the natural choice of the grass. 
  2.  Strength and Perseverance - developing the strength and the iron will to make something happen.  In this case, the ability to grow on the rock. 



Intellectual - the water all around the White Pine symbolizes all of life's mysteries that constantly surround us.  The calm water illustrates the intellectual sense that a Scout develops to solve these mysteries and keep the waters calm. 

Spiritual - the setting sun depicts peace and tranquillity.  It symbolizes the inner peace and spiritual understanding that one can come to terms with through Scouting. 

The colour scheme used in the design is a representation of all the Scouting sections - this symbolizes inclusiveness.  Scouting is available to all those wishing to participate.

 It may also be noted that the outdoor landscape represents one of Scouting's key learning resources as well as the fact that the majority of the Region is rich in natural resources. 


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Scouting makes a difference in the lives of children, youth and young adults. With a versatile array of program areas to focus on, Scouting welcomes youth with diverse interests and goals.

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