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Youth Awards

How are the Youth in Scouting recognized?

There are many ways! There are program badges, stars, and awards, as well as alternative programmes that are available for every section, including awards for personal achievement or for event organization.

Top Section Awards

Junior Sections

Follow this outline for the process and requirements to achieve the top section awards at the Colony and Pack level. 

Note: Sections/Groups are responsible for organizing and presenting awards to the youth. 

Certificates can be downloaded here:

In addition to the certificates, the Section/Group can also purchase badges and/or plaques from the Scout Shop. Seach for the name of the award (for example: in the search function on the Scout Shop site, use "seeonee" or "north" to find the badges and plaques).

Senior Sections

Cascadia Council will be hosting a Virtual Senior Sections Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, June 28th at 7:30pm. We are excited to showcase and celebrate all the incredible youth who have completed their Top Section Awards: Chief Scout Award, King's Venturer's Award, and Canadian Rover Scout Award.

Deadline for award submissions and invitations to award ceremony is May 24. Please fill out the application form (below) and submit to

The Council team will be in touch with all the Scouters and youth who have submitted their applications for the award ceremony to confirm their attendance at the award ceremony. 

Any questions, please contact 


Follow this outline for the process and requirements to achieve the top section awards at the Troop and Company level. 

Once a youth has completed the requirements for the awards listed above, the advisor Scouter will fill out and submit this application to BCY Service Centre by email

Next steps: 

One of the CK3 members will email the advisor Scouter (who submitted the award application), and will be provided a certificate and a letter for the school acknowledging the completion of these awards (to collect credits). 

Section/Group Award Ceremony:

Sections/Groups are responsible for organizing and presenting the certificates to the youth. In addition to the certificates, the Section/Group can also purchase badges, pins, and/or plaques from the Scout Shop. (Seach for the name of the award). 

Council Award Ceremony:

Cascadia Council hosts an Annual Virtual Award Ceremony for all Troop and Company youth who have achieved these two awards. The ceremony is typically hosted in the month of April. Both advisor Scouters and youth will receive an invitation to attend the ceremony once a date has been determined. 

Other Awards

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a challenge program of activities for youth between the ages of 14 and 25. Young people participate in the program worldwide, and the Award is an accomplishment that is widely recognized and highly regarded — it can be an outstanding addition to your resume or to a postsecondary application!

While not exclusive to Scouting, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program has much in common with The Canadian Path, emphasizing outdoor adventure and community service, and supporting your personal development. Fulfilling your goals on The Canadian Path — like achieving your Top Section Award — could help you to earn The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, which you can wear proudly on your Scouting uniform.

Learn more about how to participate in this program.

Scouts of the World

The Scouts of the World program is a program created by the World Organization of the Scout Movement and is geared towards youth aged 14-26 (Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts here in Canada). The purpose of the program is engage members of Scouts Canada in the fields of the Environment, Development and Peace, using the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations as a framework to generate positive change in our communities and internationally.

Learn more about the Scouts of the World program.