Novel Coronavirus — January 13, 2021 Update: Explore Scouts Canada’s actions as we continue to follow the direction of government and health agencies in maintaining public health. View recommendations and stay informed here.


Nothing is more important to Scouts Canada than the safety and well-being of all youth entrusted to our care. In an effort to remain consistent with provincial and federal guidelines for maintaining public health, Scouts Canada is postponing spring registration for the 2020-2021 Scouting Year, subject to further monitoring and cues from provincial education systems. Keep up to date with Scouts Canada’s latest actions in response to the novel coronavirus, here.

Discover fun ways to continue your Scouting adventure at home with our Scouting at Home online program.

6 Reasons to Join

Outdoor discovery, community service, physical activity, and hands-on learning are at the heart of our Scouting program.    

Stimulated through teamwork, personal challenge and exploration, girls and boys develop the self-confidence, values and problem-solving skills that will guide them through every future adventure, at every stage of life.

It's the perfect place for kids to be kids, to make lifelong friendships, and to become better prepared for success in the world.

Reason #1: A Scout is…

& Capable

Scouts have fun youth-led adventures discovering new things and experiences they wouldn’t elsewhere. It’s the perfect place for kids to be kids, immersed in nature while developing leadership and critical thinking skills. Along the way, they develop into capable, confident individuals, better prepared for success in the world.

Reason #2: A Scout is…

An Adventurer

As Scouts youth discover new things and experience a world of firsts through outdoor adventure & fun. Trying new things like mountain biking and rock climbing empowers youth with the confidence & self-esteem to take on the challenges life may throw at them.

Reason #3: A Scout is…

A Community Builder

Scouts allows youth to make meaningful contributions to creating a better world as an active member of the community. From food and clothing drives to park cleanups and maintenance, Scouts encourages kids to give back as youth and adults.

Reason #4: A Scout is…

An Environmental Steward

At Scouts youth have an opportunity to experience and build a relationship with nature, developing skills and desire to share their environmental understanding with others. Playing a leadership role, Scouts help Canadians embrace environmental stewardship as part of their daily lives.

Reason #5: A Scout is…

A Friend

At Scouts, youth work as teams to decide what they will pursue, organize ways to achieve goals, and will collectively reflect on their experience after the goal is met. Through countless campfires, hikes and overnight camps, countless memories and friendships are forged.

Reason #6: A Scout is…

A Leader

At Scouts youth are able to discover the best in themselves – take on new challenges & experience new things they wouldn’t elsewhere. Scouts builds leaders, enabling youth to lead their own path toward creating a better world.