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Scouters Weave the Fabric of Scouting Adventure

April 14, 2023

For 2023 National Volunteer Week we are Celebrating our Volunteers, both their individual and collective actions, in delivering youth adventures in Scouting. Our volunteers build kids up by providing opportunities to boost their confidence, increase their resiliency and have FUN! Because of our Scouter volunteers, our communities across Canada are more robust, interconnected, and vibrant! Scouting volunteers weave us together, strengthening the fabric of our community by sharing their time, talent and energy to support one another.

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Volunteers are the backbone of any successful organization, and Scouts Canada is no exception. As a nationwide youth organization dedicated to providing young Canadians with opportunities for adventure, outdoor exploration, and personal growth, Scouts Canada is woven together by the tireless efforts of its dedicated volunteers, our Scouters. We would like to spotlight these dedicated people who generously give their time, skills, and passion for supporting Scouting programs and making a positive impact in the lives of young people across the country. 

Do you want to spotlight a great Scouter or Volunteer? Click below to share their story. 


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Highlighting Our Volunteers

During Scouts Canada Volunteer Week, we want to recognize as many volunteers as possible. The most authentic way to recognize our diverse team of volunteers is through the eyes of our members. 

We’d like to take this moment to thank all the volunteers woven into the fabric of scouting nationwide. Here are some of the fantastic people that make up The Fabric of Scouting.

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Volunteering is a Family Adventure

Scouts Canada is run by a team of dedicated volunteers serving various elements of the program. Volunteering for Scouts is a fun way to engage in an adventurous program as a family. As an adult “Scouter” you, as well as your children, meet new friends while engaging in fun, rewarding experiences.

Looking for an exciting and fun volunteer role? Or a fun and dynamic program for not only your kids but also yourself. Consider Volunteering in Scouting. 


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