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A New Reason to Party!

Did you know that different cultures have different holidays? With your Section, learn about how other people celebrate different special days. Then, try having a celebration of your own!

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  • Is there someone in your Section that has a holiday tradition that other people might not know?
  • Can your Scouters share some holiday traditions that you have not heard of?
  • As a group, decide what holiday you are going to celebrate.
  • Which holiday will you and your friends celebrate?
  • What food and decorations will you need?
  • What needs to be done ahead of time?


  • Learn about a holiday that you have not celebrated before. There might be special days for different neighbourhoods in your own city, and there are other special days in other provinces and in countries around the world.
  • Choose a holiday to celebrate and then celebrate as a Section! This might mean singing new songs, eating special foods or wearing special clothes.


  • What part of the celebration did you like the most? The food? The clothes?
  • How was the celebration different from what your family celebrates?
  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • How did you work together to make this a great Adventure?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • What can you do to build on this Adventure?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • Make a craft from a different culture. Remember to be respectful while making your craft!

Take it Further

  • Research a local cultural group in your community. Sometimes they give people from the public the opportunity to join in on cultural celebrations or festivals. Attend one with your Section!