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Bag for Life

Discover unique plastic alternatives and how to make them with a few simple re-used materials.

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  • What materials or equipment do you need for this activity?
  • What will you use as your plastic alternative?
  • How will you make it?


  • Make your own reusable bag out of your favourite old t-shirt or other recycled fabric.
  • It’s easy, sustainable and everyone will want to give it a try.
  • Share your creations with others and promote reducing single-use plastic bags.


  • What was your favourite part of making your bag?
  • Which part was most difficult?
  • What fabric did you use?
  • What are other ways to encourage people to reduce single-use plastic?

Keep it Simple

  • Grab a reusable cloth grocery bag and put your own unique spin on it. Instead of making a new bag from scratch, decorate an older one to give it a new look!

Take it Further

  • Make reusable bags to give out in your community to encourage others to stop using plastic ones. You can even run your own crafting evening where others can learn how to make their own unique bag.