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Dragons’ Den: Plant Health Edition

Plants are crucial to our world, and their health can be just as fragile as a human’s! Research a topic in plant health and present your solution (Dragons’ Den-style) to a panel of youth judges or Scouters.

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  • What topics will you choose from?
  • How can you find out more about your chosen topic?
  • How will you solve this problem or raise awareness about your topic?
  • How will you “sell” your idea to make it the most engaging one?


  • As a small group, select a topic in plant health—this could be anything from a pest problem, an invasive competing plant species, community gardening or protecting our forests.
  • Once you have selected your topic, come up with a campaign for it—it could be a poster campaign, an interactive experience or a Public Service Assessment.
  • Present your campaign to your judges as if it is a business opportunity and let them decide who they’ll support!


  • Why were certain ideas chosen over others?
  • Were you able to plan the idea you wanted? Why or why not?
  • If you were to present your idea again, what would change about your proposal?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • Have everyone work on a similar campaign. For example, have each group choose a topic and create posters about it. Then, present them to the judges and explain why your posters and topic should be chosen as an ad campaign! If you can, hang up all the posters in your meeting hall.

Take it Further

  • Why stop at the pitch phase of your project? Implement it in real life! Working as a Troop, Company or Crew, select one of the proposed projects and work to implement it.