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Ticks you off

Explore the characteristics of ticks and find out what to do if you find one on yourself. Discover how to spot and avoid getting bitten by ticks.

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  • What do you need for this game?
  • Where on your body will you most likely find ticks? How can you find out?
  • How should you pull a tick off? How can you find out?


  • Pair up and have your partner face away for a moment.
  • Then, place a small dot sticker somewhere on yourself to represent a tick.
  • Challenge your partner to find the dot sticker and safely remove it using tweezers.
  • Next, it’s your turn to try to find the “tick” and safely remove it!


Keep it Simple

  • Don’t know what a tick looks like? With your Section, explore different ticks and their defining characteristics. From there, practise picking up items of different sizes with your tweezers or tick remover so that you get the hang of it.

Take it Further

  • Learn more about Lyme disease. Support tick and Lyme awareness by showing others how to submit ticks on citizen science apps like eTick.