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Ultimate is a game played with a flying disc (also known by the brand name, Frisbee®). Get moving with this fun game, or make up your own variation!

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  • When will you play this game?
  • Where will you play this game?
  • Who will bring the disc?
  • How will you make teams?
  • What rules will you play with?


  • This game is played on a rectangular field with few stoppages.
  • After a toss of the disc, the team that wins the toss will decide if it wants to pull (like a kick-off in football) or receive.
  • The teams line up at their goal lines, and one team throws the disc to the other.
  • The team with the disc then tries to make passes between its players.
  • The player holding the disc has to stand in place, and the player defending that person counts “stalls” aloud (like counting steamboats).
  • A pass must be attempted before 10 stalls are counted.
  • To score a point, a team must make a successful pass into an end zone.
  • The defending team must try to prevent this by intercepting a pass, catching the disc or knocking it to the ground.
  • You can play either for a set amount of time or play to a predetermined winning score—for example, the first team to score 10 points wins.
  • There are many variations to this game, and you can even make up your own to make the game even more fun!


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • What did you most enjoy about this game?
  • What strategy did your team use?
  • If you were to play this game again, what would you do differently?
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Keep it Simple

  • There are lots of different rules to remember when playing ultimate! Try starting with a few of the rules, and adding the rest in as you get comfortable.
  • Before playing, practise throwing the disc in different ways to find the best way to throw!
  • If you’re having trouble making passes, you can try playing on a smaller field.

Take it Further

  • Have you ever heard of disc golf? Find out if there’s a course near you and try playing! If there isn’t a course nearby, learn how you can set up a temporary one to play a round of golf!