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Where Do Your Relatives Live?

Do you know where your relatives live? Some might live close by, while others may live very far away – even across an ocean! Make a map to mark where your relatives live, then use the floor to make an even bigger map! Try to see how far everyone’s relatives are and learn where they live.

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  • What do you need for this Adventure?
  • Do you know where some of your relatives live? How can you find out?
  • What could you use to help you imagine that the floor is a bigger version of the map?


  • With the other members of your team, use a map to mark where your relatives live. You can use a map of your community, your province, Canada or even the world.
  • Now pretend that the floor is a bigger version of the map, divided into quarters (four equal squares). Your meeting place is right in the middle. Pick your relatives who live farthest away, and go stand in the corner where they live.
  • Pass a ball from person to person, calling out the name of the friend you are passing the ball to. When you catch the ball, tell everyone the name of the relative and the place where they live (the place where you imagine you are standing), and then pass the ball to another friend.
  • Pass the ball until everyone has touched it.


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • Who has relatives from very far away?
  • Whose family lives close by?
  • What did you learn about where people’s relatives live?
  • What made it easy to pass the ball to some friends, and harder to pass to others?
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Keep it Simple

  • It can be hard to imagine distance without a reference – start by taking a map of your town or city and marking where everyone lives, including relatives if you can. Then, take a map of Canada and mark your city, as well as the cities where people’s relatives live. Finally, take a map of the world. Mark your city and any cities where people have relatives! Whose relative lives the furthest? How does the distance change on each map?

Take it Further

  • How far does the furthest person live from your meeting place? How many kilometers is that? If possible, track your hikes throughout the year and see how far you hike. Track how close you would be able to get to that person’s town or city!