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City Stars

Who is your community’s 'local celebrity'? It could be your mayor, an athlete, an actor or someone who works for a charity! Let's learn more about them, and find out how they have helped the local community!

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  • Who are some potential people we could meet with and interview? 
  • What are some things local residents have done that would make them 'a local celebrity'? 
  • How will you meet with them? Can they visit a meeting? Could you do a video call with the? 
  • What questions might you ask? Where did they grow up? Did they attend any of the same schools or programs as you? 


  • Brainstorm a list of local celebrities you could reach out to.  
  • As a group, decide which person you would like to showcase.  
  • Everyone should come up with a set of questions they want to know the answers to, and then come together to select the best ones!  
  • After this, you should create a 'thank you' project to show your support and gratitude to the person you are interviewing. A card, group crest or other Scouting-related object would be a great choice


  • After hearing the answers to these questions, how do you feel about this local celebrity? 
  • Has the impact they had grown outside the community? Or is it still a local impact they are focusing on? 
  • How can you help make an impact the same way they have?  
  • What questions would you ask that weren't asked? What do you want to know more about? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

Have the group answer questions about someone by researching these answers and sharing what they learned with the group.

For virtual - Arrange for a virtual visit! Plan your questions ahead of time and pose them as you normally would. At the end, perform a cheer for your guest to thank them for their time.  

Take it Further

Expand this activity by having multiple local celebrities lined up, and dividing yourselves groups to arrange the conversation, facilitate questions and create your thank you project.