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Love is Love

What does love mean? What does love look like around the world? Explore the idea of marriage equality and think about how the perception of love changes around the world.

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  • Who will you choose to come present? 
  • How will you decide on one topic? 
  • What will you need to prepare for this adventure? 


  • Discuss marriage/relationships and create a web (think brainstorm web) of things that come to mind when you think of it. Ask questions like “When you look at the words and phrases, what do you notice? Are there any commonalities? How do you feel looking at this list? 
  • Discuss and listen to the responses. Make a list of things married people/people in a relationship have in common (live together, love each other, have kids). 
  • After this, discuss what you think when you hear “marriage equality” and “relationship equality”, do we agree? Do you think everyone should have equal rights to love who they love?  
  • Talk about healthy relationships that aren’t marriage such as common-law. 
  • In a group, create one sentence each about marriage equality/relationship equality- it should be something you believe in. (i.e., Marriage is for everyone, it doesn’t matter who you are you should be able to love, love is love, etc.) 
  • Using your sentence about love, create a flip book or picture about what love means to you. (Picture of your family, friends and how they come together and are special.) 


  • How can you use this information in the future? 
  • What did you learn about inequality? 
  • What would you change about this activity next time? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

Draw a picture of your family and share a little bit about them. Talk about the different relationships that are in your family (grandparents, mom, dad, guardian, pets, etc.) 

Take it Further

Research places in the world that do/don’t support equality for marriage and relationships. How does this information make you feel? How can you be an ally in supporting equality?