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Planting from Veggie Scraps!

Did you know that veggie scraps can be used to regrow plants? Try it out for yourself!

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  • What materials will you need for this activity?
  • Which veggie scraps can be used to re-grow plants?
  • What will your plants need to grow and stay healthy?


  • Start by doing research to find out which veggie scraps can be used to re-grow plants. Then save veggie scraps from your kitchen. This is a great way to reduce food waste!
  • Use the veggie scraps to grow new plants. Make sure your plants get lots of light!


  • What type of veggie scraps did you decide to use? Why?
  • What did you learn from this activity?
  • What other things can we do to reduce food waste?


  • Veggie scraps
  • Soil
  • Flower pot
  • Water

Keep it Simple

  • Instead of growing plants from food scraps, you can save seeds from vegetables in your kitchen!

Take it Further

  • Do research to discover other uses for food scraps. How else can we reduce food waste in our kitchens?