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Scouts Give Back: Local Retirement Homes

Give back to your local community by supporting a long-term care home in your area!

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  • What is a retirement or long-term care home in your area you can visit? 
  • Who is going to take the lead on contacting them and getting permission to visit or deliver things to? 
  • How will you divide up the group and assign different activities and roles? 
  • What materials will you need to make your activity happen? 


  • As a group, decide on one local Long-Term Care home to visit/deliver items to.  
  • Break up into small groups or pairs, and create a plan to bring some happiness and joy into this long-term care home. This could be sending in videos to the residents to share some love, collecting donations from the local community to create baskets for the residents, recording a song, or designing art to send in to them.  
  • Each group will lead and create their own activity, and these activities can either be done outside from the home, or when possible, could include visiting (with permission from the care home and your parents). 


  • How can the activity you thought of be altered if you can't go into the home? Can it be done virtually? 
  • Have you considered alternatives in case a resident has low mobility?  
  • What materials need to be purchased for the activity? Are there any materials you can leave there after / reuse for other activities? 
  • When will this event happen? How will you get there? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • To simplify this activity, the group can work together as a collect to create a video or craft /cards that can be dropped off! 
  • For Virtual - Create a plan for a virtual visit to a long-term care home. You can also decide on a craft together and work on them virtually using supplies you have at home. When it’s safe, arrange for someone to collect the crafts you’ve made and drop them off at a long-term care home.  

Take it Further

  • Create your plans, collect the materials they need, and present your ideas to the group. As well, each group can do two parts: a craft you can make ahead of time to leave as a gift, and an activity that you can run while you are there.  
  • To take it even further, make this a long-term project and adopt a care home!