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Snowshoe Trek

It’s time to strap on your snowshoes and go for a winter hike! How do snowshoes help make winter hiking easier?

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  • Where will you get enough snowshoes for everyone? 
  • Where will you go snowshoeing? 
  • Will you go on a short hike or a longer day hike? 
  • Will you do any other activities during your hike, like birdwatching or geocaching? 


  • Plan your snowshoe adventure – don’t forget to create an emergency plan and a menu! 
  • Enjoy your snowshoe adventure – don’t forget your toque.  


  • What did you learn about snowshoeing or winter hiking during your adventure? 
  • What (if anything) would you do differently in the future? 
  • Was there anything that surprised you? 
  • What was the most challenging part of this adventure? 

Keep it Simple

  • If there are people who have never snowshoed before, have a practice meeting before heading out on your adventure. Practice strapping on your snowshoes and walking around in them, so that you can get an idea of how it feels to walk in them. You can walk around a field or snowy parking lot near your meeting place. 

Take it Further

  • Take your adventure to the next level and go on a snowshoe camp! Find a winter-accessible campsite that you can hike into and plan to snowshoe in. You can use backpacks and toboggans to easily carry your gear to your site. At site, build quinzhees or tarp shelters to spend the night in!