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We All Love Water

Did you know that all living things need water? Take a field trip to a local forest, beach, park, or outdoor space and observe the way different species use water. Consider taking a camera to take photos of anything interesting.

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  • Where are you going to go on your field trip?
  • When will you go on your adventure?
  • What weather do you expect?
  • How will you dress?
  • What should you pack? What will you need for this Adventure?
  • How will you make sure that you Leave No Trace?


  • Observe how the different species around you interact with the water nearby (pond, stream, beach, etc.)
  • Take photos and make notes of what you see and talk about it with the others in your group.
  • You might observe that frogs and toads absorb water through their skin, while mosquitoes tend to hang out near still water.


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • How does each species you saw interact with water?
  • Why is water an important part of every ecosystem?
  • What did other people see that you did not?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


  • Consider how long you will be on your field trip, include drinking water and snacks
  • Camera
  • Pen/Paper or notebook

Keep it Simple

  • Rather than going on a field trip, create a list of how different species use water (drinking, washing food, plants need it to grow, etc.)
  • Using this information, create a poster or drawing of an ecosystem to show the importance of water to all living things

Take it Further

  • Explore your local water more in depth by doing a pond dip!