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YLT- How Do I Feel?

It can be hard to imagine what other people are thinking or feeling. Talk about a disagreement that you had with someone else, but put yourself in their shoes – why might they have disagreed with you? How might they have felt during your disagreement?

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  • What story will you tell?  
  • How long ago did it happen?  
  • How do you think the other person felt?  
  • Why did the other person not agree with you? 


  • Pair up with a friend. Tell your partner about a time that you did not agree with another person. Maybe your mom or dad wanted you to help with the dishes, but you wanted to play outside. Maybe your brother or sister would not let you watch the show you wanted to watch.  
  • Now pretend that you are your mom or your dad, or your brother or sister. Imagine that your partner is you.  
  • In the role of the other person, talk to yourself. Say how you feel. 
  • Start every sentence with the word “I” so that you really think about what it is like to be in the other person’s place. 
  • Everyone else can take the time to share how they might have felt in this situation, either as you or as the other person in the conflict. Why is sharing how you feel so important?


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • How did it feel to pretend to be the other person?  
  • What do you imagine the other person was thinking?  
  • What can you do the next time you do not agree with a friend or family member? 
  • Why is it important to have words for our feelings?  
  • What other words for feelings can you think of that did not come up? 

Keep it Simple

Play a game of emoji charades and think about different emotions that you might feel!

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