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YLT-Leadership Bingo

Being a good leader means knowing what you are good at and believing in yourself. You may not know how much others think of you until there is a reason for them to tell you—which is just what this game is about!

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  • Where will you share this adventure?  
  • How much time will you allow for this adventure?  
  • What materials will you need for this adventure?  
  • Who can you think of who are good leaders? What makes these people good leaders? What skills do they have in common?  


  • In a small team, create a Bingo card that includes 25 (5 X 5) ways that somebody can be a good leader.  
  • You can also write skills that a person might have that might make him or her a good leader for some adventures.  
  • You might write “Friendly” or “Brave” as ways that somebody can be a good leader. You could also write “Runs Fast” and “Good at Knots” as skills that can help somebody to be a good leader.  
  • When you have made up your Bingo cards, mingle with others in the group.  
  • For each box, find someone who is a good match. Have that person initial the box. Do not repeat initials (unless your group is smaller than 25 people—but try not to use anyone for more than three boxes on your Bingo card).  
  • When your card is full, yell “Bingo!” and go have a seat. Everybody else should keep filling their Bingo cards, yelling “Bingo!” as they fill their cards. 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • How did it feel to have others ask you to sign their Bingo cards?  
  • How did it feel to ask others to sign your Bingo card?  
  • For what skills did people want your initials?  
  • What leadership skills did others see in you, that came as a surprise?  
  • What would you do differently if you were to try this activity again? 

Keep it Simple

Try giving everyone a “pat on the back” rather than playing bingo. Start by drafting a list of good skills or qualities for a leader. Then, have everyone trace their hand onto a piece of paper and then tape it onto their back. Move around the room and write something nice on every person’s paper – you could use some of the leadership qualities and skills you talked about, or you can write your own words. Make sure that anything you write is nice – this activity is supposed to make everyone feel good! 

Take it Further

After running leadership bingo, learn new things about your friends by playing friendship bingo. Create bingo cards with squares like “speaks a language besides English and French,” “has been to Europe,” or “has more than three brothers and sisters.” Then, go around the room and ask people if a certain fact applies to them. If it does, have them sign it. Find out new facts about your friends and see if you can be the first person to get a Bingo!