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Work together to create chains of movement by watching and copying others in your circle! How good at you at being observant?

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  • Where will you share this adventure?  
  • What materials will you need?  
  • How much time will you take for this adventure?  
  • Who will facilitate this adventure? 


  • On sticky notes, write two sets of numbers equal to the number of Cubs in your group taking part in this adventure. For example, if there are twenty people, write 1 to 20 on sticky notes two times.  
  • Pass one set out so that every person in your group has a number from 1 to 20 (or whatever the highest number is).  
  • Give the other set of numbers to your facilitator.  
  • Line up in order of your numbers, and then form a circle.  
  • The person with the number 1 should be standing between the person with the number 2 and the person with the highest number.  
  • Put your sticky note on the floor in front of you so that everyone else can see your number.  
  • Your facilitator will then pass out the other set of numbered sticky notes at random.  
  • Peek at your number, but keep it secret.  
  • Put the sticky note in your pocket after looking at the number.  
  • Watch the person with your secret number. Whatever he or she does, do the same yourself. For example, if the person you are watching scratches her nose, scratch your nose.  
  • Somebody else will be watching you and copying your movements, and that person will scratch his or her nose too! Pretty soon, a chain of the same movements will happen. 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What happened during the game? What changed by the end of the game?  
  • Why do small actions sometimes lead to big changes? What other times can you think of that this has happened?  
  • How did you feel copying someone else’s movements? How did it feel when you made your own movement, not copying the person you were watching?  
  • When is it a good idea to follow someone else’s lead? When is it a good idea to do your own thing? 

Keep it Simple

  • Have everyone sit in a circle, except for one person who will be the detective. That person will walk away from the group and close their eyes. 
  • The rest of the group should select one person to be their leader. Whatever the leader does, the rest of the group should do. 
  • Have the detective return. 
  • Everyone in the circle should be looking around – keep an eye on what the leader is doing, but do not make it obvious that you’re watching them, so make sure to look at everyone else. 
  • The leader starts doing an action (tapping their foot, snapping their fingers, etc). When you notice the leader doing an action, you should start doing the same action. If they stop or they start doing a different action, copy that. 
  • The detective’s task is to figure out who the leader is – keep an eye out. Who is starting the action? 
  • The detective has three chances to guess who the leader is. After the round is over, play again with a new leader and new detective.