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YLT-My Role in the Section Leadership Team

Do you know what your Section Leadership Team (SLT) is? This activity will take you through the planning steps that the Section Leadership should take when planning activities for your Section! Even if you’re not a member of the SLT, you can learn about what the SLT does!

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  • What does the White Tail Council, Howler Council or Troop Leadership Team do? How does it make decisions? 
  • How do White Tails, Howlers or Patrol Leaders work with their teams? How do they make sure that everyone can share an idea for an adventure?  
  • What ideas for adventures do you have to share?  
  • How can your Scouters help the SLT? 


  • In teams of six to eight, come up with ideas for adventures you might do as a Section. Rank your ideas.  
  • Next, split up your team into three groups. Each group of people should get together with groups from the other teams.  
  • Pretend that your new group is the Section Leadership Team. What adventures will your Section go on next season? 
  • For Troop, try taking on different roles in the SLT, like Troop Leader, Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader  


  • What do you know now that you did not know before? 
  • How did you make decisions in your team? In your Section Leadership Team group? 
  • How did you make sure that everyone was part of choosing adventures? 
  • How can the SLT help your Section? 
  • What did you do to make your SLT meeting successful? 

Take it Further

Volunteer to take on a role in your Section Leadership team, or lead the planning of an activity.