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YLT-Paper Airplanes

Sending a message is easy, right? Challenge yourself to send a message in a new way by writing your message on a paper airplane and throwing it to your friend standing far away from you. How will you make sure that your message gets to your friend?

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  • What do you need for this adventure?  
  • What message will you write?  
  • Where will you share this adventure?  
  • How much time will you take for this adventure? 


  • Pair up with a friend. Write a short message for him or her.  
  • Fold your message into a paper airplane and “air mail” it to him or her by throwing it. Your friend will make a paper airplane for you, too.  
  • Here’s the catch: both you and your friend can only stand in a small circle (you might use a hula hoop) when throwing and catching your paper airplanes. Set up your circles a little way apart from each other—far enough to throw your paper airplanes.  
  • If your paper airplane does not fly where you want it to, then your friend cannot read your message 
  • How can you and your partner work together to get the airplane into their hands? 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • How well did your paper airplane fly? How well did your friend’s fly?  
  • If you and your friend both caught each other’s paper airplanes, how did you feel? Why? 
  •  If your airplane did not reach your friend, how did that make you feel? How did your friend feel?  
  • What would be a better way to share an important message? Why? 
  • What are some other ways that we can share messages with each other? 

Keep it Simple

How else can you get a message to someone who is not near you? Find a creative way to communicate a message across a room – can your partner get your message? 

Take it Further

Don’t just write a message to your partner! Write or draw something that will make them feel happy. Write down some things that they do well, or draw a picture of them being kind! Your compliments will make them feel good about themselves.