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YLT-Pringles Ring

Can you make a ring out of Pringles? Work in small teams to try to achieve this feat!

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  • What supplies will you need for this activity? 
  • How will you break into teams for this activity? 
  • How will you build your Pringles ring? 


  • Give each team two cans of Pringles.  
  • Create a ring using the Pringles – you don’t need anything other than the Pringles to make the ring.  
  • The ring should be able to stand up by itself without anyone holding it. 
  • To start off, try looking at the photo and making the ring using your own ideas. Then, have a Scouter read the explanation of the ring to you (see “Keep it Simple”). After that, try watching the video to see if you can follow along.  


  • Was your team able to make a Pringles ring? How much help did you need? 
  • How did it feel to get support during this task? Did it make it easier or harder? 
  • Why is it important to ask for help when we need it? 
  • What did you learn while doing this activity? 


Pringles chips (other stackable chips may not work as well, so try them ahead of time if you want to use them) – 2 cans per team 

Keep it Simple

  • Steps to making your Pringles ring: 
  • The secret to a successful ring is a sturdy base. Start stacking the Pringles in a base.  
  • Once you have a thick base, start building out on either side. Building out evenly seems to make the task a bit easier. 
  • Continue building towards the top of the ring. You may need to remove chips to add more reinforcement to your base if you’re having trouble keeping your ring upright. 

Take it Further

Can you build a giant Pringles ring?