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YLT-Problem-Solving Scenarios

How do you solve problems? Act out some problems and come up with solutions. How do your solutions compare with the rest of your group?

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  • How will you choose who will act out which role?  
  • Which scenarios do you want to act out, and how will you choose as a group?


  • Create a variety of problem scenarios on flash cards. The scenarios might include forgetting a tent or getting lost while out on a hike.  
  • In small groups, draw a scenario card at random and come up with a solution to your problem.  
  • Present your solution in a skit – be dramatic! 
  • With the rest of the group, talk about the solution you chose and brainstorm other possible solutions to the problem. 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • How did you resolve the problem?  
  • What was hard about resolving the problem?  
  • What common themes came up (common problems and common solutions)? 

Keep it Simple

Start with basic scenarios that you have encountered in your life. Remember, these should be problems, not conflicts. 

Take it Further

Focus on how you would solve the scenarios, but also how you would prevent the scenario from happening! How can you make sure that you are prepared for a situation that could arise?