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YLT-The Floor is Lava

The floor has turned to lava! Work as a team to make it across the lava field to safety. It doesn’t count as a victory until everyone is safely across – how will you make sure that everyone gets there?

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  • Make sure everyone has one mat.  
  • Decide where the island and lava is before the game starts. 


  • Start at one end of the room or outdoor area with large pieces of cardboard or foam mats to stand on.  
  • You may not move the mats while you’re standing on them, so you’ll have to jump onto another person’s mat to move your own forward, and work together to get everyone across the lava to safety.  
  • Once everyone is on the island, the lava tide changes and you have to get across to the other side again, but this time you lose a couple of your mats that sink in the lava.  
  • Work together to get everyone across even when not everyone has a mat. 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What was hard about getting to the island?  
  • What made it easier?  
  • How would it change if you didn’t share your mat with another person? Would you still be able to get to the island? 

Keep it Simple

If getting across is too challenging, create a way for your team to earn more mats! Maybe you do a cheer together or sing a silly song! 

Take it Further

Rather than having everyone start with a mat, start with fewer mats than there are people – how will you get across safely?